Love…in more ways than one!

Sometimes something comes along and changes everything….

this is one of those things.

“The Shack” is a book you’ll want to share with everyone.

“My wonderful aunt (more like a sister) recommended and shared this book with me, how amazing she is.
The Shack is truly captivating, and full of wonderment, even through all the sadness and tragedy, a beautiful story….I haven’t cried this much since I read “Conversations With God”…
The text written in between the lines can definitely change your life 🙂
Even tho’ not everything I had questions for were answered, I still left feeling a renewed sense of being and I highly recommend getting a copy, reading it and sharing it with someone.
Before she shared this book with me she said, “You’ll know who to share this with after you are finished with it.” I wish I could share it with everyone!
Each person will get something different out of it, very personal and quite illuminating. Just open your heart, and mind for a few hours, and it could change the way you look at “living”.
Even if you don’t fully “believe”, there is still much inherent wisdom in its text to help you find just what you thought you didn’t need in its glowing pages. Love, …….in more ways than one.”

Pass it on!

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