#QuoteoftheDay…Humanity will be saved through the flower – Mayan prohpecy

“Humanity will be saved by the flower” – Mayan Elder quoting Mayan prophecy

have a beautiful day, and remember to stop and smell the flowers 🙂


Austrian facility that allows you to create any illusions fragrant


Fragrance Body: Found a way to create a unique aromatic symphonies of any complexity. PHOTO

in Linz, Austria on display Sinnesrausch-SensorySensation put a unique facility that allows you to create any illusions fragrant. Close your eyes and your nose will lead you to the confectionery factory or in the Swiss mountains, the first child of a circus or Italian cafe. The main thing that these fragrant symphonies were composed by someone already.

This device consists of a musical keyboard, computer, software, storage vessels 64 primary aromas, lots of polypropylene ductwork and control of air flow. The audience can not see the whole colossus half tons in weight, and for them is obvious only olfactory effect – light fragrant breeze, having the force of a hurricane the memory of those who can hear smells. So its fragrant symphony can come blindfolded.

9c400  1346047429 0105.450x284 Fragrance Body: Found a way to create a unique aromatic symphonies of any complexity. PHOTO

olfakto-kinetic art, called the Smeller 2.0, designed for composing, recording, storage and playback of aromatic symphonies of any complexity. In appearance – interlocking tubes and ducts – it is most similar to the organ music. The creator of this fragrant body Austrian Wolfgang Georgsdorf nurtured and developed this idea 25 years until June his dream finally came true.

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butterfly…#quote of the day

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly” ~Richard Bach

This quote says so much in so few words…

We could all learn a valuable lesson from this simple quote by Richard Bach.

When something we think is so terrible happens to us, instead of looking at it in a negative way, we could look for the beauty that God may have in store for us in that situation. Something that could only happen by going through whatever “bad” situation we think we’re in.


Try seeing the positive in all situations 🙂