the many wonders of kukui nut oil

Candlenut or Kukui nut oil is a great oil to add to your skin regiment. And since it’s very high in gamma linoleic acid, kukui nut oil smoothes skin while moisturizing, and it is especially perfect for dry, or acne irritated or chapped skin. Plus, it doesn’t leave a greasy feel.
I use it in my facial/eyemakeup remover recipe…(coming soon).

More about kukui nut oil:

Aleurites moluccana, the Candlenut, is a flowering tree in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae, also known as Candleberry, Indian walnut, Kemiri, Varnish tree, Nuez de la India, Buah keras or Kukui nut tree.
It is a large tree native to southeastern Asia; the nuts yield oil used in varnishes; and nut kernels strung together are used locally as candles.
The candlenut tree is found widely in tropical areas, including areas of Asia and Australia. The candlenut is also cooked and eaten in Indonesia and Malaysia. The oil from candlenuts contains about 35-40% linoleic acid, 24-40% linolenic acid, 10-35% oleic acid and 5-8% palmitic acid.
Scientific name: Aleurites moluccana

Other uses:

The Kukui Nut tree was first brought to Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers. It quickly adapted, and is now Hawaii ‘s official state tree. Kukui means ‘enlightenment’ in Hawaiian. Kukui Nut Oil was also used to massage members of royalty, who were sometimes massaged for seven or more hours with this oil! It’s got a lovely light yellow color, but do not expose to sunlight, it will damage the product, and its shelf-life is about 12-14 months.

Kukui Nut Oil for the Skin

Kukui nut oil is beneficial to the skin, soothing and softening it without leaving a greasy film. It has been used to treat wounds and burns, and some people feel it is beneficial for the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. The oil is an excellent choice for massage, and offers glide without excess slip. When added to soap formulations, kukui nut oil increases the creaminess of lather and enhances its conditioning abilities.

Other popular uses of kukui nut oil:

  • Hair and scalp conditioner; bath oil
  • Relief for sunburned skin; may have slight sunscreen capabilities
  • Some hospitals and cancer centers in Hawaii are using kukui nut oil to help relieve the pain of burns caused by radiation therapy
  • Beneficial for dry skin and skin affected by acne
  • Nut meat can be mixed with other ingredients and used as an exfoliant
  • Has been used for stretch marks and cellulite reduction, but with mixed results

Essential oils can be mixed with kukui nut oil to enhance the oil’s fragrance and therapeutic actions. Popular additions include:

  • Lavender, often called the “universal” oil for skin care
  • Calendula, for healing wounds
  • Helichrysum, to help combat inflammation
  • German chamomile, to sooth and reduce inflammation

Use up to 12 drops of (therapeutic) essential oil per ounce of kukui nut oil.

A light application of kukui nut oil is all that’s required. Avoid eye contact and keep the oil away from clothing, as it can stain.
Kukui Nut Oil is an excellent oil to add to your bodycare products, especially your creams, lotions, and massage oils. Simply add Kukui Nut Oil once that your product no longer needs to be heated, and do not expose it to high temperatures. You can also use it for an oil treatment on dry hair and scalp, or add a few drops to your bath water for a luxurious treat.

Where to find it:

Mountain Rose Herbs Oils of Aloha,

kukui nut oil at amazon