Mother’s India Fragrances / Nagchampa / Ananda, Ganesh, Laxmi, Shanti, Vishnu (via Olfactory Rescue Service)

Wonderful scents and lovely Indian incense…
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In nearly every article reviewing Indian durbars or champa incenses it’s virtually impossible not to mention that the style has undergone changes over the last decade or so due to the shorter supply of the resin halmaddi in these incenses. Nearly every company in existence has adjusted their recipes to some extent, although we’re largely left to guess over how it is they’ve done so. What we can generally tell is the soft, semi-wet durbars of yore … Read More

via Olfactory Rescue Service

I’m also in love with Indian spices…

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Spice Box


How Fuller Figured Women Can Wear Trend-Forward Fashions and Look Fabulous!

Not everyone who wants to be trendy or even just look fashionable is a size 4. So rejoice today, this is all about fashion for the fuller figured woman who still wants to be ‘fashion forward’ no matter what their size label says.

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How Fuller Figured Women Can Wear Trend-Forward Fashions and Look Fabulous!

Stop and smell the roses … its important for your health


“Distillation Is In Itself A Simple Natural Phenomenon. When You Look Above Your Head And See Clouds In The Sky,

These Are But Evaporation’s Visible Shape.

And When You Walk At Dawn On Grass Dew, It Is On Night’s Condensate.”


I love this quote. It literally expresses a true natural phenomenon.

It surprises me that more people are not aware of how beautiful our earth is; it’s magical-like qualities and occurrences of life are around every corner.

We are so busy, busy, busy, we forget to stop for a minute and take time to appreciate the beauty around us.

We walk on our man-made sidewalks while looking at our man-made cars and concrete buildings, with hardly a glance upward, or to nature’s wonder and glory.

We are truly missing out on a wonderfully abundant life.

Why not take today to stop and smell the roses?

That is such an old cliche, but a true one to say the least.

How fulfilling it can be to just stop the chaos, if only for a few short minutes, and just enjoy the majesty that surrounds us.

Take a walk, get outside, smell the sunshine!

It can literally help heal body, mind, and soul!

If you walk everyday, …walk a different route this morning; look for new plants or animals.

Try something different and make a point to spend time enjoying it.

If you don’t walk or run in the morning, just spend some quality time in the fresh outdoors (if you are living in a big city, try taking a walk in a park and soak up as much oxygenated air and ‘natural’ energy from the natural world around you.)

You will be so glad you did.

It makes a difference to the whole day.FB_IMG_1447097346930

When I’m first surrounded by nature, a part of me is rejoicing while another part of me is nervous (a fear of the unknown).

I immediately dive into the rejoicing/happy part of me, so I won’t recognize the terror trying to rise within me.

It seems to work quite well, especially if I concentrate on the birds that are close by, or a squirrel that is within sight, or something that makes me smile.

It could be anything, a turtle, a bunny, a tree, a flower…whatever it takes to clear my mind and focus entirely on receiving positive energy from the world around me.

After a few minutes the light from the sun mixed with the energy of the natural world seems to fill me with such a wonderful feeling that I entirely forget anything about fear.

I believe this is God working a beautiful magic. But not everyone feels the same way. Whatever your version of God/light/love is, that’s just fine, as long as you’re soaking up nature’s purifying energies!

faith is the strength by which a shatered world will emerge into light

I hope you find a way to spend some time in nature today to refresh your mind, body and soul with a part of the nurturing world around you.

You’ll find it can add a great deal of clarity, awareness, and ‘being’ into your life.

Start your day with a walk and stop to smell the roses, take a clearing breath (or two, or ten)…….
and I bet you’ll feel great!

flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into quote

light & love to you…..

Buying or Selling on Ebay? Want a Crystal Ball? Here are the TOP 12 Resources for ALL EBAY Users

Super helpful resources if you want to buy or sell on Ebay, little known tips and tricks that are time savers, money savers and just plain heartache savers!

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How to Use Sacred White Sage; Herb for Ceremonies and Clearing Negative Energies

I’ve used white sage many times in my life, especially when moving into a new space it does wonders. And the clear scent of it brings back so many memories of when I lived in Sedona, it also brings feelings of peace and “home”.

Thank you Eileen for such a wonderfully written piece, I just had to share this.

A way to clear negativity…
By Eileen Nauman

Copyright 2004-2005 Eileen Nauman
All Rights Reserved

Every Nation has its sage for ceremonial purposes. I was shown specific white, ‘female’ patches of sage a long time ago by my medicine man teacher, who was western Cherokee.

Sage is used for clearing negativity–inside and outside ourselves, and from our dwellings, a room, an office, an attic or any other type of structure. We use it to cleanse our auras, too, when we have a ‘bad hair day’ and we’re carrying around a lot of junk that we want to get rid of in a hurry.

Sage emits negative ions; just as a waterfall or running water, emits the same thing. This is why, when people are near running water, they always feel cleaner, cleaned off or just ‘better’ for seeming no reason at all. But there is a deeper reason. Our aura holds positive ions, much like a carpet when you walk across it, creates static electricity. Only, these positive ions are like dust in our aura and it simply makes us feel sluggish, tired, or just not our usual frisky, peppy self.

The smoke from the sage meets the positive ions, clings to them and neutralizes them out of our aura, or from the room or house where you live or work.


Let me take you, step-by-step, on how to utilize a wand or stick of sage:

The first rule is this: once the sage is lit, you do not stop it from burning. The spirit of the sage knows just how much negativity or positive ions are around and it will burn accordingly. When the ions have been neutralized, it will cease burning on its own. You can tell how ‘bad’ it is by the quality of the smoke the smudge stick emits: thin, light smoke indicates the place or person is fairly clean. Thick, rolling white smoke means the place or person has a lot of positive ions or negativity around them and it needs this thicker smoke to deal with it. If you are done smudging, then set the bowl on your electric or gas stove and let it burn itself out until it is done. Under no circumstances are you to put it under water to douse the smoke or do something to stop it from burning. The spirit of the wand knows what is needed, and where. If you watch the smoke, you will see it drift to a particular part of the room, car, or person because that is where the healing/catalyzation of energy needs to be done and accomplished.

1. Always have a heat proof bowl to put the sage in, after it has been ignited. We use an abalone shell; but any piece of thick, fired pottery (or even a Pyrex bowl) will do. If you are using a bowl, you may well want an oven mitten on you hand to prevent burns because sage burns HOT. It is the spiritual nature of it to do so. Do not use a container that is not bake or tempered for high heat–it will crack it and it could cause a fire. Do not use anything metal, because heat is conductive and you will get burned.

2. Be safe. Do not have doors or windows or a fan on when you “smudge” yourself, a room or your house. It can blow sparks out of the bowl and onto the floor or surrounding area. Don’t be wearing billowy, long-sleeved blouse or shirt when you fan the smoke. Don’t have long hair draped down near the bowl with the smudge stick being held in it. Be common sensed about this.

3. Light the sage with a match at the very tips of the leaves on top of the wand. Once they flame to life, then blow them out quickly. We use a feather fan to do this, but you can use a piece of stout paper or even cardboard or a paper fan. It’s important to NOT let it blame and burn. Once it is lit, and the flame is blown out, it will smoke thinly or thickly, afterward. The catalyzation comes with the smoke, not the flame.

4. Place the lit, smoking top of the wand of sage deep down inside the bowl and steady the rest of it, on the stick portion at the other end, with your other hand.


Keep the windows and doors closed to the room you have chosen to smudge. You can take a fan or a small piece of cardboard and start in one corner of your room, and gently waft the smoke after it clears the bowl, from the floor, up, toward the ceiling. Do this in a clockwise circle in each corner of your room. When you are done with the fourth corner, move to the center of the room, raise the bowl chest high and waft smoke up toward the center of the room. You are now done. When you leave the room, shut the door behind you. When you go back in an hour later; you’ll see that the room feels better and is even “lighter” appearing to your eyes than before.


If you are doing a complete house, then do each room in this fashion. Do not miss a room. Get all of them. If you want only one room done, then close the door behind you and smudge the room–and leave the smoke in that room–do not open windows or doors to let it out. It will dissipate surprisingly swiftly. You can also smudge your garage and basement in the same, above manner. Just make sure the garage door is closed and that the door leading to the basement is closed while smudging and closed after you depart from it.


Bend over, so that the bowl is about the level of your feet and ankles. Gently waft the smoke, with your fan, upward. As you slowly unbend and straighten up, you are bringing the sage/bowl and fanning the smoke up, up, upward until you’ve sent the smudging smoke up above your head. You are now “smudged” and clean, as we say.


Take care not to burn the animal, or have sparks fly out on their coats or hair. Start at their head and gently waft the smoke from their feet to their head, and then move back, over their spinal area, and to their rear feet/tail region. They are now smudged.


If you have a piece of jewelry given to you, an heirloom piece, or something that you love, but it has “bad vibes” or just a bad feeling on it, then you can do the following: Lay it out on a table or some place where it is flat. Start at one end of the piece and gently fan the smoke across it, so that the smoke covers and flows across the entire piece. When it’s done, let it sit for 24 hours, and then you can use it. The feeling/vibes will be very different. On a stubborn piece, you might have to do this 2 or 3 times, once a day, to get it entirely cleansed.


I was taught to take 3 leaves, crinkle and break them up and put them into the bottom of a tea cup. Pour boiling water over them and let it steep 10 minutes. You can then drink it and eat the leaves. This is used to break a fever, induce a sweat and we drink this during a sweat lodge to cleanse ourselves of our inner negativity and darkness. If you’re feeling bad, sometimes a cup of white sage tea helps a lot. Drink only one cup in a 24 hour period.


One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is crinkle up an entire wand or one ounce of dried leaves, into your bathtub. Fill it with warm to moderately hot water (don’t burn yourself). Then, settle down into this big cup of tea for about 10-15 minutes. The sage is a natural cleanser and your physical body and aura both get cleaned up this way. It is particularly wonderful after a highly stressful time.

We’re a Carbon Positive and a Neutral Blog Now, Is Yours?

What a great idea! Now Ixpo and Stock Displays have set up initiatives to try and do something about all the carbon being added to the atmosphere by blogging…

WHAT? you ask…by blogging?

Well, according to Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD…

“Every blog that attracts 15,000 hits per month generates on average around 3.5kg of carbon every year – this figure is worked out according to a study conducted by Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD, physicist at Harvard University and environmental activist, who has worked out that an average website causes about 0.02g of carbon dioxide for each visit – so a blog attracting 15,000 visits per month contributes around 3.5kgs of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per year. His study took into account the power consumed by computer usage, electricity hours and server cooler systems. Although 3.5kg’s a year doesn’t sound like a lot, when you consider that last February The Sunday Times reported that there was around 200m blogs in the world, it means that with an average readership of 15,000 hits per month blogs alone contribute around 700,000 tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere every year.”

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Carbon Neutral Blogs is an initiative that has been set up by the guys at Stock Displays with the aim of helping to make as many blogs carbon neutral as possible.

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It’s simple really, you do something for them and they something for you!

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We are a Carbon Positive and a Carbon Neutral Blog now, Is Yours?

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