Voting is essential!

That picture always makes me laugh…..
But this is about voting…..
If you haven’t voted yet, please do…
really, every vote counts (even in Florida :)…
(ok, we won’t start anything about the recount again!!!!…btw….have you seen that movie Recount? about the 2000 Election? It’s classic! looved it)
But seriously GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t stand hearing from people who whine about our country
and refuse to do anything about it…….
Voting is our chance to have our say.
Even if its only 1 vote…
your vote, plus your friends votes, plus their friends votes…..etc……
make up ALL the votes and we CAN make a difference 🙂

Make your voice heard….

Thanks for reading and HAPPY ELECTION DAY!
(Thank GOD the election commercials will end!!!)

light & love,