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Archive for July, 2008

Voting is essential!

That picture always makes me laugh…..
But this is about voting…..
If you haven’t voted yet, please do…
really, every vote counts (even in Florida :)…
(ok, we won’t start anything about the recount again!!!!…btw….have you seen that movie Recount? about the 2000 Election? It’s classic! looved it)
But seriously GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t stand hearing from people who whine about our country
and refuse to do anything about it…….
Voting is our chance to have our say.
Even if its only 1 vote…
your vote, plus your friends votes, plus their friends votes…..etc……
make up ALL the votes and we CAN make a difference 🙂

Make your voice heard….

Thanks for reading and HAPPY ELECTION DAY!
(Thank GOD the election commercials will end!!!)

light & love,


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