Daily Affirmations: Trasforming Dragons

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What better way is there to make a positive change?


Believe it. — affirmations, especially daily affirmations, are one of the best ways to make small, positive changes in our lives.

Courage Cards are an amazing tool made just for this.

Years ago, an amazing friend gave me this deck of 52 affirmation cards that claimed to,

“help overcome anxiety, find courage, and gain self esteem”.

Empower Yourself!  ( #dailyaffirmations )

This is the message that’s coming cross loud and clear.

As each day waxes and wanes,  so too must our thoughts, feelings, and actions–along with the ebb and flow of our society, our planet, and time itself.

We cannot change the world without first changing ourselves“…. every great prophet, philosopher, poet, preacher, etc.. has proclaimed this in some form or another since time began.

I’d love to share them with you. Thank YOU! Sue Patton Thoele (author of the The Woman’s Book of Courage ) for Courage Cards.

Courage Cards are Women’s Affirmations for Empowerment and Peace of Mind. So every day I’m going to choose a card and share it with you.

Today  is: Monday, June 6, 2011.

6/6/11 –in numerology = 5 – a well balanced date This is a good sign.

I drew TRANSFORMING DRAGONS  which states,

“I have the power to be who I want to be.”

That sums it up about perfectly.


FOR the DIY-ers!:

You can find Courage Cards here (at Amazon)