List of Essential Oils for Specific Emotions

essential oils for emotional well being

Emotions: and what kind of Essential Oils to use to either enhance or subdue them;

Emotions are part of who we are as humans. We are emotional beings. And many of our imbalances and things that make us sick are caused from emotional imbalances. In other words,  our emotions can make us sick.

Essential oils are natural gifts we have access to that can aid our recoveries and help to bring holistic balance and well-being into our lives. Use this list wisely, and note whenever you are feeling these emotions to add some of the corresponding essential oils into your day, you will definitely feel better!

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feeling good

More and more these days, plants are finding a medicinal purpose in our lives, people like natural cures rather than subjecting themselves to harsh man-made chemicals and pills, also keep in mind that around 30% of the ingredients that are added in conventional medicine are extracted from natural resources like plants and herbs. Holistic remedies are becoming more commonplace in the medical field and even many scientists after years of testing are concluding that alternative medicine is making headway as a tool in the “every-man’s preventative medicine chest”.

Anxiety, stress and depression are almost at record levels in our country, who knows if it’s because of the economy, the stressful atmospheres and workplaces we subject ourselves to, or even home-life? Most people don’t think about it, but our diets, especially an excess of sugar, sugar substitutes, coffee, alcohol and/or junk foods can add to imbalances in our mental and physical states of being. No matter the cause, there is hope…and without resorting to dangerous synthetic drugs. Anxiety, stress and depression can have real life consequences and devastating effects on our spirits, minds and bodies that affect not only the entire scope of our lives, but those around us as well.

Natural Holistic Remedies for Anxiety, Stress & Depression:

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Can Essential Oils Help with Depression & Anxiety? Using Aromatherapy as a Mood Regulator

—–> Before using any essential oils, please read this helpful primer: Uses of Essential Oils:

Originally from my Yahoo repertoire, I decided to add this gem to my blog. Happy new year!Essential Oils for the Different Types of Skin

With this article, I’ll show you how it’s possible to employ pure therapeutic grade essential oils to help ease depression and lessen anxiety, simply and naturally.

First things first, if you’ve never used essential oils before, read a primer I wrote on essential oils, what they are and the difference between therapeutic grade and most “on the market” essential oils called “Many Helpful Suggestions on Uses of Essential Oils” before delving into this article, it will save you lots of questions. (Since my links/articles are still orphaned and looking for homes, for the purposes of safety, and if you are not familiar with essential oils please read Ananda Apothecary’s beginner’s guides to aromatherapy here before using any essential oils. 🙂

More and more these days, plants are finding a medicinal purpose in our lives, people like natural cures rather than subjecting themselves to harsh man-made chemicals and pills.

A depressed emotional state is a common reason for using complementary and alternative therapies today. A wide range of psychological, physical, and energetic issues can lead to feelings of depression and a pervasive outlook of negativity. Moreover, once in a state of depression, patterns can arise that make relief all the more difficult to find. The use of essential oils for uplifting the psyche and spirit is becoming more widespread because of the oils’ broad and dramatic effects. While the oils themselves may not directly affect the underlying cause of depression, they may help individuals break free from depressive cycles – they may provide the impetus to ‘get off the couch’, so to speak, and begin creating long lasting change.”Ananda Apothecary

Can essential oils help with anxiety?

The short answer is yes. The how and why are a bit more scientific, but suffice to say that it’s true what they say, “your nose knows”. You’ve definitely experienced this before. A good example would be smelling a freshly baked apple pie and remembering Grandma’s house in the country when you were just a kid. That’s your limbic system at work. Basically, your sense of smell is the shortest and quickest way into your brain, including your memory banks, through the limbic system ( which is the seat of the emotional center and is partly responsible for our our emotional reaction to something, our fight or flight response, our hormonal secretions, motivation, pain reflex and our mood fluctuations). Some essential oils have thousands of chemicals contained within a tiny drop, and some have only a few, but they all have purposes, and can all cause strong reactions when inhaled or used on the skin.

Can essential oils help with depression?

Again, the short answer is yes they can, in the same way they can help with anxiety, essential oils can also aid in reducing melancholy and heightening happy feelings or uplifting your mood by pure science of chemistry. Just knowing what chemicals to use, and that they are pure therapeutic grade essential oils can really ‘make or break’ the deal. Essential oils are really just natural science by God, given to us as “medicine” whether it be for the body (physical), mind (mental), or spirit (emotional and spiritual).

The best therapeutic grade essential oils to use to lift your spirits and put you in a better mood are as follows:

Essential Oils that are Antidepressant mood regulators:

Rose or rose otto – the best ‘heart opener’, aids with joy, uplifts and restores balance
Orange– any citrus oil uplifts and brightens your mood, they are ‘sun in a bottle’, grounding, nourishing, energizing
Bergamot – relaxes nerves and refreshes the spirit
Geranium – like rose, wonderful for work of the heart
Mandarin – another citrus uplifter, but with a more mellow property, works wonders on children
Lemon – super sunshine in a bottle, very uplifting, grounding, nourishing, energizing
Neroli (orange blossom) – comforts the mind and heart, natural tranquillizer for shock, depression or anxiety
Chamomiles – grounding and uplifting

Essential Oils for Anxiety or Stress

Lavender – calming, regenerating, balancing
Chamomiles – remarkable calming effects
Clary Sage – calming, relaxing, balancing,
Geranium – calming, balancing, protecting
Rose or rose otto
Mandarin – wonderful for calming children too
Lemon – refreshing and gentle calming
Bergamot- relaxing, uplifting
Vetiver -very calming, centering, and stabilizing
Neroli– nourishing to spirit and soul, cooling and calming
Palmarosa – calming and uplifting nerves, reduces anxiety
Sweet Marjoram – sedative and toning, immediate calming effect
Frankincense– warming, calming, quieting, awakens the spirit, centering, meditative, new enlightenment of self and encourages an unconditional love
Coriander- healing and anti-inflammatory, aids feelings of security to anyone who is not grounded and calms the spirit

How to use these essential oils for anxiety or depression

There are a variety of ways you can use these essential oils to aid in mood regulation. Two being: INHALATION AND TOPICAL APPLICATION.


One of the simplest ways is to use a diffuser for your personal or work space. Most are quite simple to use either by adding water and a few drops of essential oil, and plugging it in, or by a candle warming the water and oil mixture. You can find them just about anywhere now, from the grocery store to ebay and Amazon , aromatherapy stores or specialty stores. Click Here To Visit Diffuser World.


There are also nebulizers which are even better at dispersing essential oils into the air.

Car DiffusersInhalation

These plug right into your cigarette lighter or extra power source in your dash or console of your car. Take the fresh scent with you and brighten up your day instead of complaining about traffic. After diffusing something like lemon or peppermint in your car I guarantee you’ll spark right up and have a smile on your face.

Topical Application:

Best used by adding essential oils to an unscented lotion, aloe vera gel or diluted with an oil, for example, getting a massage.

Straight application:

Although this method is not recommended often as essential oils are potent and may be too strong for some people. Many are sensitive to the extreme potency of a therapeutic grade essential oil, but if you’re feeling brave and have used essential oils before (especially Lavender, one of the safest out there) then feel free to use a couple drops in your palms and rub together to release the scent. You can dab it under your nose, rub a couple drops into your wrists or the like. I would only try this with the following oils:

Lavender, Rose, Neroli, Geranium, Lemon, Mandarin, (almost any citrus oil, but beware citrus oils are phototoxic; meaning don’t wear them in the sun)


There is so much I could say about the wonders of massage…but I don’t want to lose you so I’ll just say that if you can get one, DO! They are the best preventative medicine available to us and with the use of essential oils added to your massage lotion, gel or oil, you won’t believe the miracles that can happen. Just ask any Massage Therapist or “Raindrop Technique Therapist” and you’ll get an ear-full of how magical a massage can be. If your loved one is giving the loving massage, use a MAXIMUM of, or no more than 8-10 drops per oz. as essential oils are very potent. It’s better to use less and add more if needed. Just choose your carrier oil, gel or unscented lotion and add your choice of therapeutic grade essential oils and mix well.

Remember, it’s always better to try than to give up, so smile and know someone is thinking of you and wishes the very best for your health and well-being!

PLEASE, if you are going to use all or any part of my articles, I ask that you please give credit where it is due and link back to my article. Thank you!

Read another wonderful article on this at; Ananda Apothecary

Where to get GOOD therapeutic grade Essential Oils:

Mountain Rose Herbs

To Find Them Any Fresher You Would Have To Grow

Young Living oils (my friend is also a YL distributor her sign up number is: #1071625 )

If you’re looking to purchase oils  I recommend the following suppliers: as they are the only suppliers I have found that offer true therapeutic grade or top notch essential oils.

Mountain Rose Herbs: (I an an affiliate)

Oshandhi. (I’m not an affiliate)

Bella Mira (I’m an affiliate)

Liberty Naturals (not an affiliate)

NaturesGift (not an affiliate)

Others that I’m NOT affiliated with:

The company that has the best essential oils for the money, with natural healing qualities and no additives or adulterating, and ethics about oil production is Native American Nutritionals:

Read here for why:

If you love Young Living Oils or are a Young Living Distributor try Bella Mira therapeutic grade essential oils ..test for yourself the difference…you will receive a discounted price if you are already a distributor w/YL.

For Young Living Oils: If you would like to receive a discount on therapeutic grade essential oils just sign up at Young Living and use my Young Living Distributor # 1064822

OR see



Click Here To Visit Diffuser World


ebay and Amazon , aromatherapy stores or specialty stores

Click Here To Visit Diffuser World.

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Helpful Suggestions on Uses of Essential Oils

Originally, I wrote this article for Associated Content in 2009 (which was later purchased by Yahoo, and then called Yahoo Contributor Network). Sadly, on Sept. 1, 2014 all articles were removed and the site was closed down forever. So….I decided to put the entire article here, instead of just a snippet. Enjoy! 🙂

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Many Helpful Suggestions on Uses of Essential Oils

For all of those who love the idea of using nature’s gifts, essential oils are the ticket. Not only are they little miracles, but they come in handy so often, I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Here is a little primer first, for those who want to know more about them.

Essential oils come from the various elements of plants – the seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruit. The essential oils can be distilled from the plant material or extracted. The majority are distilled. It takes tons of plant material to create tiny amounts of essential oils. (And you wondered why they were so expensive!)

Be aware that essential oils can be harmful if not used correctly, especially for pregnant women, children, the elderly, and/or pets. Be sure to dilute properly before use

< IMPORTANT INFO> ———> Read before using any essential oils, because they can harm you if not used correctly:

Essential oils do have incredibly powerful therapeutic properties, and there are plenty of medical studies to back that up. But, just because they’re derived from plants doesn’t mean they’re totally safe.


1. Skin discoloration, burning and sores

Some essential oils can cause you to burn in the sunlight. Before you head out to the beach or to a tanning booth, make sure you don’t have a photosensitizing oil on your skin. Reactions can range from discoloration to oozing burns.

2. Danger to babies and pregnant women

3. Skin irritation and itching

4. Danger to small pets

5. Dangerous interactions with preexisting conditions

6. Illness or death when swallowed

Don’t be afraid to use essential oils, but use them wisely. Always keep oils out of the reach of children.

Treat them as you would any type of medicine.

Research any essential oils and blends before you use them — as with drugs, oils have different chemical makeups and different potential side effects.

If you’re nervous, start simply with a diffuser. You can enjoy many of the benefits of essential oils without having to use them directly on your body.(READ full article here—> at


Therapeutic grade essential oils; a loaded phrase

There are so many conceptions about the meaning of therapeutic grade, or even if there is such a thing. In the end, I’m just trying to offer helpful information, and as long as you do your own research, and make your own decisions; take control of your health and be responsible with your choices, you’ll be fine.

Read about my findings here:

 Therapeutic grade essential oils

and also HOW to choose the best essential oils:

The best way to go about sampling, is by first checking to make sure they are a reputable company, have the Latin names on every bottle, and make sure they analyze all their oils by gas chromatography and are certified organic as possible. Read more here about therapeutic grade and how to choose them.


Antidepressant/ mood regulator:

Rose, orange, bergamot, geranium, mandarin, lemon and especially Neroli (orange blossom)

Antifungals (natural):

Bergamot, fennel, geranium, lavender, lemon, Manuka, marjoram, Melissa, rosemary, vetiver, Kanuka, and Tea Tree

Antivirals (natural):

Bergamot, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, Manuka, Melissa, rose, rosemary, sage, and tea tree.


Patchouli, clove, cinnamon, ylang ylang, rose, jasmine, neroli

Athlete’s foot:

Tea tree, eucalyptus, myrrh, and lavender, also patchouli


Lavender, geranium, rose, mandarin, lemon, bergamot, vetiver and Neroli


Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood, Neroli (orange blossom)

Black eye:

Geranium, lavender (place 2 drops of each in a bowl of ice-cold water;soak a cotton ball in the liquid and place it over closed eye and surrounding affected area). may add neroli for extra skin benefits


Tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus (apply any of the three directly onblemishes,) may also add neroli


Geranium, lavender.

Caffeine substitutes:

Peppermint, basil, cinnamon, ginger, grapefruit, Jasmine, Juniper, lemon, orange, and rosemary.


Geranium, Cinnamon, or Cassia, Clove,


Eucalyptus, Fir, Tea Tree, Lavender, Kanuka, Manuka,

Cold sores/ canker sores:

Tea tree (swab directly onto infected area three to four times daily). Also lavender on canker sores Or Melissa on outbreaks.


Peppermint, thyme (never apply pure thyme essential oil directly to skin, never swallow it, use only diluted)


Peppermint, massaged on to abdomen and ankles, may mix with wintergreen, rose, geranium and neroli flower


Ginger, lavender, chamomile, peppermint,

Dry, flaky skin:

Geranium, lavender, Melissa, Rose, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Neroli


Tea tree, lavender, also R. Chamomile), place a few drops of selected oil in 1 tsp. Warm olive oil; soak small piece of cotton in this mixture and place just inside the ear.


Peppermint, rosemary, juniper, lemon, grapefruit, orange and any citrus or mint


Peppermint, geranium, black pepper.


Eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender (use with a compress).

Fluid retention:

Grapefruit, lemon, juniper, rosemary, cypress,

Gum Infection:

Tea Tree (mix 3 drops with 2 drops of Myrrh w/one tsp of oil on swab and rub gently over affected area); peppermint, lavender (two drops of each in glass of water for a mouthwash).

Hay Fever:

Chamomile, eucalyptus. (both types of chamomile: German (blue) chamomile and Roman Chamomile)

Head lice:

Tea tree, rosemary and lavender

Heat exposure:

Eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, mix with aloe vera gel and soothe into muscles, back and neck


Patchouli, myrrh, cypress (make blend with five drops myrrh, two drops cypress, and one drop patchouli; place two drops on washcloth soaked in warm water;; apply to affected area for a few minutes twice daily).


Tea tree, bergamot, geranium. and Melissa officinale (muse be therapeutic grade essential oils)

Indigestion/ Heartburn:

Peppermint, ginger, (blend of the two mixed with olive oil and massage into abdomen, also diffuse or ingest if properly therapeutic grade oils are used and only use 1 drop mixed with milk or water)


Lavender, tea tree, chamomile, thyme.


Eucalyptus, peppermint

Jet lag:

Lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, lemongrass, grapefruit.

Meditation/ relaxation:

Sandalwood, vetiver, cedar wood, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, Rose, neroli, jasmine


Basil, peppermint, rosemary

Mental Stimulation

Basil, Peppermint, Rosemary,

Muscle aches stiffness/ soreness:

Peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, (sweet birch, peppermint).

PMS:Premenstrual syndrome:

Clary sage, sweet fennel, geranium, chamomile, lavender, (clary sage, sweet fennel)

Prickly heat:

Geranium, chamomile, eucalyptus.


Lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus.


Ylang ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, rose, Night Fire Massage Oil, Love blend. 

RSI: Repetitive stress injury:

Lavender, rosemary, marjoram.


Juniper, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus oils each have Significant ability to rejuvenate the body. Rosemary addresses the Cardiovascular and muscular systems. Sweet birch and peppermint are good for relieving joint aches and pains. Peppermint, highly regarded for settling the digestive tract, is equally effective for cleaning the respiratory system and combating headaches. Eucalyptus is good for reducing muscle stiffness.

Shaving cuts:

Lavender (apply directly to razor to avoid nicks).

Sleep problems/ insomnia:

Lavender, chamomile, (lavender, marjoram; place four drops on your pillowcase).Lavender works best mixed with Mandarin and Roman Chamomile

Sore throat:

Tea tree, sandalwood (dilute three drops each in 1/4 cup water for gargle; add a couple of pinches of salt), thyme, clove


Ginger, lavender, chamomile.


Lavender (one drop on cotton ball, rub on cheekbone under the sty, keeping eye closed); tea tree (four drops in bowl of purified water; soak cotton ball in this mixture and place over closed eyelid three times daily) Do not place essential oil directly into the eye.

OR 1 drop lavender mixed with 1 oz green myrtle hydrosol (organic) spray into affected eye first with eye closed, if non irritating may be used directly into open eye from safe distance.


Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, chamomile mixed with aloe vera gel and soothed into burn


Eucalyptus, lavender.

Tooth ache:

Tea tree, clove (mix four drops total with one tsp. of vegetable oil for swabbing on gums or place two drops on swab and rub gently over affected tooth).

Travel sickness:

Ginger, peppermint,


Peppermint, ginger, lavender.


Tea tree, Lemon, (mix twelve drops in one ounce of caster oil, or other suitable carrier oil and apply several times daily with sterile dropper or applicator).


Lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile.

Yeast Infection:

Tea Tree followed by acidophilus, and make sure to drink lots of cranberry juice too 🙂



The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Products or ideas mentioned are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a health care provider, and should not be construed as individual medical advice.


Sources & more reading:


google scholar. Click here to see google schoar search for “therapeutic grade essential oils” sorted by metrics.

Learn more about essential oils; Symptoms List & Essential Oil Profiles

Natural Holistic Remedies for Anxiety Stress & Depression


feeling good

There are so many natural and holistic remedies for all types of maladies these days that it is difficult to weed through all the bad or mis-information strewn across the web.

Anxiety, stress and depression are almost at record levels in our country, who knows if it’s because of the economy, the stressful atmospheres and workplaces we subject ourselves to, or even home-life? Most people don’t think about it, but our diets, especially an excess of sugar, sugar substitutes, coffee, alcohol and/or junk foods can add to imbalances in our mental and physical states of being. No matter the cause, there is hope…and without resorting to dangerous synthetic drugs. Anxiety, stress and depression can have real life consequences and devastating effects on our spirits, minds and bodies that affect not only the entire scope of our lives, but those around us as well.

Read more at; “Natural Holistic Remedies for Anxiety Stress & Depression” link doesn’t work. Use this post link instead, :

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