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power of thought on water

Did you ever think that “thoughts” could physically change things?

Noetic Science – Look it up. It has been around since the beginning of thought. Different names certainly such as metaphysics, philosophy, mysticism, ancient mysteries, the list continues. The most in-depth novel I have read recently that has described Noetic‘s in modern terms, and experimentation/study has been Dan Brown’s new novel Lost Symbol.

I am not here to describe the book, the science or anything else, but a friend of mine turned me onto a video that shows results from a Noetic Science experiment. The results are astounding, beautiful and made me cry. I have always been a believer in positive thoughts. This is proof, PROOF that those of us that believed that were on the right track.

Whether you believe in God, Multiple Gods, Angels, Demons, the Prophets, Saints…..there are two strong tenants that run thru all of our ‘good’ faiths. Karma or the Golden Rule – do good and good will be done to you, and Positive Thinking.

Watch – You too will see the proof, Positive Thinking impacts more than just yourself.


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