new friends at eco friendly company

I’m always looking for new ways to help save our planet from being taken over by garbage heaps and I am pleased and proud to introduce you to a wonderful steward of our earth, one who is committed to raising awareness in the ‘green living’ venue :

Matthew Ludwig, who works with Jason Tunick at Factory Direct Promos  help companies promote their brands while raising awareness for the environment with unique eco friendly products.

Eco friendly reusable bags have seen their popularity surge in the past few years. They have a dramatically reduced environmental impact. As we move into 2010 it’s time to cut down on the 500 billion annual disposable bags we consume. Together we can help save this planet with every bag we reuse. As we head into a new decade communities need to continue to strive towards a solution and be proactive about setting an example for others.

Pass this on to anyone wishing to better their planet! and thanks for reading!

One thought on “new friends at eco friendly company

  1. Dan

    Hi, I came across your blog and thought you might like this initiative we are running; “Make Your Blog Carbon Neutral”. If you get chance, have a look here:

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