Miron Violet Glass Bottles; Resources and why you should be using them

I had to post this to share with you the amazing properties of violet glass and how important it is to store your essential oils and healing elixirs, etc. in violet glass– as it blocks out the harmful and damaging rays of the sun… yes… sunlight is wonderful and necessary for life, but to keep your products safe and last much, much longer than any other container would allow.

Be sure to use violet glass for your precious potions and oils.  :)…

The violet glass protects the oils from light and actually enhances the organic molecular life of the oils which is an advantage for retail products as it dramatically increases their shelf life.

The oils stored in these types of bottles are activated and energized by the violet spectral range which represents the highest domain of energy.

If you hold the bottle up to the sunlight or under a full spectrum light, at the right angle, you will see the bright violet color of the spectrum reflected in the glass.

Miron Violet Glass is unsurpassed in preserving the life of products such as homeopathic remedies, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and herbal preparations.

Compared with the choices of amber, blue, green and clear glass, DEEP VIOLET GLASS provides many remarkable benefits:

• This glass allows only violet, ultra-violet and infra-red light to pass into it; the result being that it raises the frequency of its contents.

• This type of violet  glass was used alchemically in Ancient Egypt to preserve substances. The reason this is possible is because the visiable light spectrum, which nature uses to help things grow, is also used by nature to decompose plants after they are harvested. This same visiable light is blocked by Miron Glass, resulting in a significant delay in its decomposition process.

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Violet glass FEATURES:

  • Superior protection from light degradation
  • Increased shelf life
  • Energizing effects on Organic molecular life
  • Refines healing and promotive properties
  • Attractive to look at

  • Medicinal Products
  • Homeopathy
  • Essential Oils
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Heliotherapy

  • Maximum light Protection
  • Natural preservation and refinement of healing promotive energies
  • Pleasing Esthetics and Prolonged Shelf Life

Sun and sunlight play an important role in our daily life. Who does not feel joy when exposed to the first rays of sunshine after a long cold winter or when seeing a beautiful rainbow or sunset? Our sun yields a wide spectrum of electromagnetic energy due to continuous thermonuclear reactions and this radiates through space in all directions. The sunlight that reaches the earth’s surface consists of the visible light spectrum (with the colours of the rainbow from violet to red) and the invisible light spectrum with ultraviolet (UV) radiation, infrared (IR) radiation and micro and radio waves.

Sunlight is enormously important for growth. In fact, there is no life possible without light. This same light that initially made growth possible also accelerates the process of molecular decay. As soon as plants, for example, are ready for harvesting, they must be used immediately or preserved efficiently. If they are exposed to sunlight after being gathered, then decomposition may take place and this drastically reduces the level of bio-energy in the plant. The ÒFraunhoferÓ Institute in Munich (Germany) believes this process of decomposition to be due to the radiation from the visible light.

In order to test this observation, chemical analysis by gas chromatography of rosewater, stored for two months in either violet or amber glass, was performed at this institute. It was clearly shown that within 2 months the amount of several important aromatic compounds decreased significantly following storage in amber glass. No change was observed in the sample stored in violet glass pointing, to quality protection against decomposition by visible light.

Since ancient times, mankind has tried to protect its most valuable products against the damaging effects of light. The early Egyptians, for instance, preserved their precious substances in gold or violet jars. Modern times have introduced many new forms of packaging. Glass, which has been known for ages, is still one of the most widely used materials. However, most of the traditional colours used in glass packaging (clear, amber, blue and green) allow visible light to pass through (figure 1, 2 and 3) and therefore dont offer enough protection against decomposition processes induced by visible light.

MIRON violet-glass does not allow light from the visible spectrum to penetrate (with the exception of violet radiation), but is transparent in the infrared spectrum (figure 3 and 5). Black glass doesn’t allow any visible light to go through and is also transparent in the IR spectrum (figure 3 and 4). The most important difference between these two glass types is that black glass fully absorbs UVA and violet frequencies without allowing any transmission to occur, whilst MIRON violet-glass is permeable for these frequencies. These wavelengths partially enter MIRON violet-glass, giving it a unique quality: impermeable in the visible light spectrum from blue to red but open to penetration of UVA, violet and IR frequencies. Due to this special combination, sensitive materials stored in MIRON violet-glass are highly protected against the processes of decomposition caused by light influences from the visible spectrum and gives it the added benefit of the positive effects that result from UVA, violet and IR frequencies.

Biophotonic research, the study of light particles absorbed and emitted by living cells, has shown that these wavelengths are very important for communication between living cells. Recent results from this scientific field have also shown that the quality of nutrition not only depends on chemical composition, but also on the content of light energy and the potential information that is provided by UVA and IR frequencies. This fundamental bio-information plays a crucial role in the control of all vital processes. Biophotonic measurements show that food, for example ripe grain, plants and fruits, (freshly squeezed or dried) as well as any extracts from plants (e.g. olive and linseed oil) are perfect suppliers of light energy; a transfer which is closely connected to optical memorization within the biological sample.

Nevertheless, high class edible goods lose their quality during storage and age prematurely. Biophotonic research on the quality of food, contained in a variety of package materials, show that the quality of ordered bio-energy of food stored in violet-glass, is significantly higher the than counterparts kept in classical containers such as glass or plastic. In addition, it was demonstrated that an optimal protection of bio-information is obtained during long-term storage in violet-glass.

Scientific research of biophotonics in the field of food quality control, led by Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, is performed at the International Institute for Biophysics (IIB) in Hombroich near Düsseldorf (Germany). In the early eighties he initiated this research at the University and at the Centre of Technology in Kaiserslautern (Germany).

Since 1988, Dr. Niggli has collaborated scientifically with Professor Popp. In the middle of the nineties he started biophotonic research on the quality of food stored in a variety of package materials. Biological samples stored in violet-glass preserve their quality of bio-energy significantly better than in classical packaging (e.g. amber glass, aluminum foil and plastic).

The MIRON violet-glass has been available for over 10 years and has been used for a wide range of quality products such as essential oils, flower essences, sun-remedies, natural cosmetics, Royal jelly, flax oils, and massage oils and lately for olive oils. Many companies have discovered that the MIRON violet-glass offers a significant additional marketing value to high end quality products. Compared to the traditional colours in glass packaging, the MIRON violet-glass offers:

  • Protection in the visible spectrum from blue to red
  • Quality protection for long term storage
  • Preservation of bio-energy
  • 100% recyclable

RESOURCES for buying violet glass bottles

IDS packaging

EO Diffuser.com

Miron violet glass on Amazon

Black Pearl Botanicals


EVEN MORE ABOUT The Violet Glass

Ever since the beginning of glass production (app. 3,500 pre Christ) exclusively violet or golden containers/bottles have been used to preserve precious salves, oils, essences and alternative medicines. Today, thanks to science, we know that life (energy) is best preserved by Violet, and no other spectral range can compare.

In 1851 Jakob Lorber’s (Graz, Austria. 1800-1864) edition ” The Healing Power of Sunlight ” (Die Heilkraft des Sonnenlichtes) was
published. In this volume he points out that violet glass is the ideal storage container for healing remedies and other substances that are sensitive to light.

Lorber explains why complimentary medicine should only be preserved in the violet energy range. Through his investigations, he found that healing substances were not only empowered, but refined when placed in deep Violet glass. Further experiments in recent years confirm Lorber’s findings. For example, in 1991 heliopathic products that had been manufactured in 1933 were discovered in a warehouse. Testing showed the products had lost none of their healing properties. For a decade we have known of the direct link between bio-energy
preservation and certain visible and invisible areas of the light spectrum, principally through the work of Bio-photon scientist, Prof. Albert Popp, English Biologist Rupert Sheldrake and numerous other physicists specializing in optics. In our experimentation we have found that a variation of a few Nanometers, a few millimeters too few, or too many layers of glass can render a container ineffective.

The Advantage of Violet
Measurements of the spectral transmission curves of amber industrial glass and Vial-It Glass clearly reveal the advantage of Violet glass.
Dr. Jacob Jutz (Grabs, Switzerland) compared a 5mm density of amber glass and 5mm density of deep violet glass. Only in the range of
visible dark red (730-1050 Nanometers) can 42.5% of the desired heat transmission be observed with Vial-It Glass. In all other instances, one can expect a near zero transmission. According to Bio-photon scientist, Dr. Hugo Noggli (Ependes, Switzerland), one can rely upon the fact that the Violet spectral range (which represents the highest energy domain) permanently activates and energizes the structure of
organic molecules.
The Institute of Dr. Dieter Knapp (Mittenwald, Germany) began tests utilizing Kirlian photography to determine if any effect could be
observed solely from the storage of a product in Miron’s dark violet glass vs. the brown glass commonly used in the aromatherapy and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

Identical lactose pellets were exposed to the sun according to the process described by Jakob Lorber (Sunhealing Remedies, 1851), sealed
in similar bottles of brown glass and violet glass, then photographed after only 36 days.

It is important it is to store healing substances in the violet spectral range especially in the categories of Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Spagyric, Essential Oils, as well as any energy rich nutritional products.

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