PRIVACY ALERT! has YOUR information

This isn’t a typical Yellowstar Essentials post, but I thought it was pertininent and disturbing to say the least.

Tell everyone you know to take themselves OUT of the Spokeo directory…anyone can get info about you from the internet! is more than a privacy issue, ANYONE can get ANY kind of info on you they want to for a small fee…and most of the info is free to anyone who wants it.

If you don’t want to be on this list go to and do a search for yourself..

  • enter your name and then copy the url of your profile page after you find yourself..
  • click your name so you see your profile
  • copy the URL from the address field of your Web browser
  • In the lower right corner of the page there is a link labeled Privacy
  • Click this (privacy) and paste your profile URL in theURL field
  • then enter your valid email address
  • and the captcha code listed
  • click Remove me
  • will then send you a confirmation email at the address you provided,
  • and follow the directions and the link they give you to remove yourself from their listings.

5 thoughts on “PRIVACY ALERT! has YOUR information

  1. Spokeo doesn’t actually delete your search results. They harvest the e-mail address when you try to opt out.

    People won’t be able to search for you by name anymore (at least not using the free search), but they’ll still be able to find you by e-mail, and get the same report.

    Except that now, Spokeo knows which “John Smith” is attached to, so the results might be a little less inaccurate.

    Join to protest, and check out the suggestions on how to report Spokeo to relevant authorities, or just plain sue them.

  2. ProtectOurPrivacy

    I just found out about this and checked if I have a profile there and I actually do have. I tried removing my info for all my email accounts yet I wasn’t able to remove my other information when I typed in my mobile number. It actually shows where you are located and how much you make. This is too much of an invasion of privacy. I can’t remove my info..

  3. Jonathan Mullins

    Remove my information now!!! You bastards are in Direct violation of the Privacy act…File a class action lawsuit and bankrupt your sorry piece of shit asses!

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