stop the madness, don’t let corporate bullies win this battle over Oregon’s most precious resource

Natural resources belong to all of us…not companies,or corporations, but each and every one of our citizens.

I know I’m not from Oregon, but this could happen to any one of us in almost any state in America. Don’t let corporate America win this battle. We have the power to shut down corporate bullies battling over our most precious resource…water.

This petition sent off a loud bell still ringing in my ears, and I just can’t let it pass by without doing something about it.

There is no justification for any corporation to confiscate the people’s water, and then try to sell it back to them at a ridiculous cost.

Nestlé is closing in on a lucrative water privatization deal that will hand it millions of gallons of some of the cleanest drinking water in drought-ravaged Oregon — permanently. And get this: Nestlé will only pay one penny per 40 gallons of water — and then it will turn around and sell the same water back to the public for $2.63 per gallon.

The truth is what Nestlé is trying to do in Oregon has been its mercenary strategy for decades: target a small, rural town in dire financial straits, offer them peanuts for their most precious resource and then make out like bandits. The fact that the world is facing a coming water crisis hasn’t slowed it at all. If anything, Nestlé is becoming even more reckless. Now is a time to establish a precedent to how the world treats corporations like Nestlé who believe they can put a price on our most priceless resources.

We need to demand that Oregon governor scrap this deal with a serial corporate freeloader.

Please sign this petition at SUM OF to stop Nestle from this madness.

To: Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Campaign created by Joseph Schommer Icon-email

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