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tears for Sedona…The Lost Jewel by Larry Lindahl

 by Larry Lindahl

Photo by Larry Lindahl

I cannot even express the deep emotions I have for this sacred place, and the destruction of this natural wonder. It holds many memories and a very special place in my heart…..

Larry Lindahl captures my sentiments exactly……..

Since the Slide Fire was first reported on May 20, the blaze has burned 21,217 acres of Oak Creek Canyon and is 90 percent contained. Below, photographer Larry Lindahl

 shares his thoughts about the fire and its aftermath.

Guest Blog: The Lost Jewel by Larry Lindahl.



We Are Not Alone; #UFO Sightings Across America; My Story Part 1

I finally decided to write about something I’ve been undecided on for a long time …

We Are Not Alone; #UFO sightings across America, My Story Part One;

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