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Get AMAZON extra savings added automatically

I had to share this amazing post to pass on the great savings to all those thrifty Amazon shoppers out there. And HONEY isn’t just perfect for Amazon, but for tons of online stores you’re already shopping with like, Target, Sephora, Dell, Priceline, Office Depot…and the list goes on!smiley face clip art

(A BIG Thanks to Kate McConnel!  for sharing!))

How to Get Better Prices on Amazon Automatically

If you think you’re already getting the best prices, you’ll be surprised.

As a loyal Honey user, I never shop online without it. So, when its new Amazon feature came out, I was thrilled! You might have already heard of Honey, the popular browser add-on that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout (if not, you’re welcome). Now, it also finds better prices on Amazon for you, immediately.

Thanks for the help, Honey!

I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t Amazon do this already? Kinda, but you have to do a little digging first. Ever think you have the best price and then realize it’s $20 more at checkout after sales tax and shipping? Honey brings the best final prices to the forefront after automatically comparing every top-rated seller in the Amazon marketplace (so you know those poorly-rated sellers are filtered out).

Honey also lets you know if you can save a lot just by waiting a couple of days for delivery. Yeah, 2-day shipping is awesome, but so is having options. Especially if those options save you money.

Here’s how the new feature works:

Save $200? Yes, please.

Shop on Amazon as usual. If Honey finds a better deal, a little tag will appear showing you how much you could save by buying the same item from a different seller.

Honey takes into account the final price of the item (including sales tax and shipping), seller rating, delivery time, and Prime status–– so I can still get my Prime deals.

Don’t mind if I do…

If you want the lower price, you can just add it to your cart with one click.

Ahhh. That felt good.

And if you do find the best price, Honey will let you know. It’s nice not to wonder if I got the best deal:

Getting the best deal on another camera.

Of course, $200 savings on Amazon is on the high side, since most of the time I’m just buying day-to-day essentials on Amazon. But even saving a couple of bucks on paper towels every once in a while really adds up!

And the best part? It’s free. You can get Honey on your browser HERE.

What’s even better is for every person you invite, you get $5 on their first purchase!! WIN, WIN!



Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory Properties Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy

Essential oils really are little miracles in a bottle. Especially when you employ the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

I had to reblog this great post  from holistichealthliving about anti-inflammatory, and analgesic essential oils, because it reminded me why I used many similar essential oils in my Natural Tiger Balm Recipe.

A Look At The Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory Properties Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy

“A look at the latest data uncovers a long list of abstracts where researchers have confirmed the anti-inflammatory effects of therapeutic essential oils. The oils used in therapies have been meticulously extracted to keep their medicinal potential. There’s a wide difference in aromatic oils in terms of their medicinal action, and one need to find therapeutic quality essential oils to realize this property.”

via A Look At The Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory Properties Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy.

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