Positive message about worry tension, fear and pity

“I’m going to change the world and this is my plan…”

Worry is an energy that many associate with Love. But this is untrue. Worry is like saying to someone, “ Oh you poor thing. I know you are incapable of handling this problem/karma. You are not smart enough or capable enought to do it.” It devalues the person/s involved in the situation. Sending them love, faith and confidence in their ability to get through the problem adds a beautiful and positive energy to the situation.

Tension and anxiety are also very negative energies. When you hold tension or anxiety in your body you will block your spirit from being fully embodied. Spirit lives in openness and radiance and cannot enter places where tension and anxiety are held. Work on breathing deeply into your whole body and exhaling out through the pores of your skin. This will help you establish more room for your spirit and the spirits of those you are thinking about to be fully embodied.

Fear is also an inappropriate emotion to hold at this time. Fears contract your body and close it also to spirit. Holding trust and faith in the future is needed. In order to accomplish this work on the breathing like we mentioned above. Clear any beliefs connected with the fears. And don’t be afraid to feel the fear and breathe through. It is an ego issue-not a reality.

Pity is another emotional energy in yourself to heal and not let yourself believe in. When you feel pity for others (or yourself) you tend to breathe in an imploding manner and take on the energy of those you feel sorry for. This adds to the dilemma by adding you as another victim to the problem. However, compassion with detachment is the positive energy to learn to replace pity with. When you feel compassion with detachment it is a very loving and caring emotion. You will radiate it instead of imploding as with pity. The Buddhist have a lot of teachings about compassion with detachment which can contribute to the healing of the problem instead of adding to it.

So if you are feeling worry, tension, fear or pity treat these energies like an issue to be cleared. And learn to replace them with Love, Faith, Confidence, Trust, deep breathing, and compassion with detachment  adding to the healing and well-being as you do

~Many thanks to Ten Nebula for great words!


“I release any tensions, worries, fears, or feelings of pity for myself or others. I am replacing them with love, faith, trust, confidence, and compassion helping to create a balanced and healed self, country, home, (or said person), etc. “


List of Essential Oils for Specific Emotions

essential oils for emotional well being

Emotions: and what kind of Essential Oils to use to either enhance or subdue them;

Emotions are part of who we are as humans. We are emotional beings. And many of our imbalances and things that make us sick are caused from emotional imbalances. In other words,  our emotions can make us sick.

Essential oils are natural gifts we have access to that can aid our recoveries and help to bring holistic balance and well-being into our lives. Use this list wisely, and note whenever you are feeling these emotions to add some of the corresponding essential oils into your day, you will definitely feel better!

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