Frankincense ensures King Richard the Lionheart entrance to heaven

Happy March!

I had to giggle when I read this post today.

Apparently, long ago, kings and royalty used Frankincense in their burial rites not only for embalming purposes, but to ensure they would be granted entrance to heaven. LOL!

If that were still true today, Frankincense would probably be in such short supply that the price would be unaffordable for any ‘commoner’.



When embalmed after his death in April 1199, the heart of King Richard I was soaked in frankincense – suggesting that the monarch feared that his many acts of treachery and brutality might exclude him from the kingdom of heaven.

Autopsy of 12th-century monarchy reveals heart embalmed in purifying frankincense …read more about it here.

We found many interesting things,” he said. “But the most interesting was the presence, in substantial quantities, of frankincense, which has never been found in any other embalming. It is unique. This suggests that Richard, and those around him, knew of episodes in his life which had a bad smell… Frankincense, linked to Christ’s story, may have been intended to make him smell like a saint and therefore to ease his passage to heaven.”

Although Richard has gone down in popular history as a good and noble king, his 41 years were stained with treacherous revolts against his father, King Henry II, and with massacres of Muslims during the Crusades and of English Jews. He is also believed by historians to have had a number of homosexual love affairs – something then regarded as unnatural.

Now Frankincense has an even greater spiritual context ! LOL… I better invest in Frankincense!! 😀

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