Common Limiting Beliefs

We all get into self-deprecating and limiting beliefs about ourselves sometimes, but if we can change how we look at things and focus on the positive in our lives…. we can drastically improve our overall health in mind-body-and-spirit.

Here are some typical limiting beliefs that are amazingly common;

“No pain – no gain.”
“I need to have lots of money to be happy.”
“I can’t trust anybody.”
“You can’t get over a bad start in life.”
“I am too old to learn to use a computer.”
“I never get what I am after.”
“Other people are better than me.”
“I do not deserve to be successful.”
“I have reached my limits.”
“I need to work very hard to have enough money to live.”
“Success takes a very long time.”

These and similar beliefs are only true if you act as if they are. Suppose they are mistaken? what difference would that make?

In the process of achieving your goals, sometimes just being able to articulate any existing limiting beliefs and in turn noticing their effect is enough to alter or dissolve your old unwanted belief and therefore change and update your own reality.


Take a minute to think about and then do something positive for yourself everyday.

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