Fabulous Testimonial for Yellowstar Essentials!


I am extremely humbled and honored that one of my clients has given me such a lovely gift.

Thank you Kayla for your dear heart, and your kind words….

you have totally made my day!!!


Here’s what she sent,

Anyway, let me give you my testimonial first. I know there’s no hurry for this, but Candice, you’ve been such a darling and a big help to me and you really deserve some good feedbacks  I’ll still let you know how everything else is going but here you go:

It was such a great pleasure to work with Candice. She has been the most helpful from the very beginning by understanding life and health conditions as well as assessing your needs. She takes on a holistic approach in helping the client and giving the most appropriate suggestions. The eczema blend is wonderful as it helps in cooling down the “angry” inflammations; the release/opening synergy aids in releasing all your frustrations and keeps worry at bay; the muscle relief blend eases the aches in the muscles without being a pain to your olfactory senses; the blue dolphins blend brings one clarity and focus and it’s great for meditation; the detox blend helps in eliminating water retention for the lower body; and of course, your beautifully made custom blends are really working for my mother and for the family! Candice is one of the best AromaTHERAPIST (she really is one great therapist) out there and her compassion and her willingness to explore and experiment what is the best for the client will sure give her clients the results they want. Five stars to you Candice!

Love and Light



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