Top 10 Albums for Balancing the Chakras

It is now widely accepted that we are not just physical beings, but mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well, all inter-connected as a whole instead of just one or the other. So it stands to reason that if we are depressed, anxious, stressed, fatigued, jealous, and angry or a mixture of any of these emotions on a cons”tant basis these ‘negative energies’ will cause us to become sick, diseased or affect us negatively in our physical bodies . “

-from Introduction to Using Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras (where you can learn A Little About Aromatherapy, What Are the Chakras?, Chakras Explained Through the Aura, and How Can Aromatherapy Be Used to Balance the Chakras?). Also see the rest of the series by typing the word ‘chakra’ in the “search my content bar” to the right of my featured content on my profile page seen here.

Music has been said to be the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, and is famously quoted as “calming even the savage beast.” Using music for healing, or balancing our chakras is an important tool in our self-healing toolbox. As Helen Bonny (Music Therapist) says,

“We all have experienced the soothing, rhythmic sound of music since before we can remember. Our mother’s heart beat provided the soundtrack for our earliest moments spent in her womb. Lullabies followed, and then our first memories of music, whether it be concerts, dances, anthems or hymns. Music fills our senses and can evoke various feelings in us, depending on the occasion and the kind of music that is played. Very often, when we hear a particular song it brings back memories of a distinct moment in time. Music can also change an individual’s state of mind just by the beats of a melody and the right type of music can even have an effect on one’s physical well being. In fact, music can help us heal. Studies show that music and music therapy may assist in improving a person’s psychological, emotional and overall health .”

To see the top 10 albums for balancing the chakras, see my associated content/yahoo article here.


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