Mother’s India Fragrances / Nagchampa / Ananda, Ganesh, Laxmi, Shanti, Vishnu (via Olfactory Rescue Service)

Wonderful scents and lovely Indian incense…
a must have for incense lovers, check this out!

In nearly every article reviewing Indian durbars or champa incenses it’s virtually impossible not to mention that the style has undergone changes over the last decade or so due to the shorter supply of the resin halmaddi in these incenses. Nearly every company in existence has adjusted their recipes to some extent, although we’re largely left to guess over how it is they’ve done so. What we can generally tell is the soft, semi-wet durbars of yore … Read More

via Olfactory Rescue Service

I’m also in love with Indian spices…

check this out for a great way to sample true Indian spices in “Shanti’s Spice Box”


Spice Box

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