“Life After Twilight” Special Announcement from The Mortal Instrument’s Cassie Clare AND a Steampunk Writing Contest; Win a “Clockwork Angel” Package!

Contest at novelnovice.com

I’m so excited for this contest set by novelnovice.com! A Steampunk Contest!

Especially after watching author Cassie Clare’s special announcement Ustream yesterday (if you missed it see it here).

She announced there will be TWO more books added to the Shadowhunter’s second cycle of the Mortal Instruments series. We already fell in love with the first trilogy; City of Bones , City of Ashes, and City of Glass, and now, she’s writing the prequel trilolgy of the Shadowhunters…The Infernal Devices beginning with The Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, Book 1), due in stores August 31st, 2010. After which, she’ll return to the Mortal Instruments series with: City of Fallen Angels (and TWO more following that coming in the next couple years!).

I can hardly wait!

I really did love the series and am so looking forward to reading The Clockwork Angel.

Even though it predates the Mortal Instruments, I think it will explain a lot of how and why the characters have “become” who they are and act the way they do. Plus, I can hardly wait to read more about angels, nephilim, and Shadowhunters in general…the tatoo runes are so cool!

There’s some really cool artwork (for tattoos) if you’re looking to have an angel rune tattooed on you at some point, check this out;

Check this out; From NovelNovice.com and more about the contest:

I’m so looking forward to both of the newest trilogies from Cassie. I’m sure the Infernal Devices trilogy will be great, but I’m extra excited to hear about the two extra books –tho’ I guess it only makes sense since she’s got City of Fallen Angels for there

to be two more added to the series to make it another trilogy. It wraps everything up nice and neat.

See Cassie Clare’s Ustream with her special announcement and answers questions from readers chat from 8/4/2010 here.

Here’s Cassie’s webpage to read more.

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