2 thoughts on “25 Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil;

  1. Love your article and video on peppermint essential oil. I have a question – I am considering buying a bottle from you, however, I grow peppermint and use the leaves to make a tea, which is delicious. What are the advantages and differences between the fresh mint from a plant and the essential oil. And, what is the best carrier oil for me to buy? Thank you.

    1. Thanks Audrey,
      Fresh mint is always great, but not quite as strong as essential oil. If you’re just using it for tea, what you’re doing is just fine, but if you want to buy it make sure its therapeutic grade if you’re planning on ingesting it. It really just depends what you’d like to use it for. I love fresh peppermint, and making an infusion would work too.. a great carrier oil to use is coconut oil as it is both light and lasts longer than most.
      If you’d like the peppermint therapeutic grade essential oil ; to order from Young Living, sign up and use my Distributor # 1064822 on their website: http://www.youngliving.com

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