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Here are a few alternative and complementary therapies that can aid health in mind, body and spirit.
A good attitude and healthy spirit may have positive physical effects on the whole body 🙂
Aromatherapy is my favorite of these. I love making purfumes and remedies with essential oils. It’s also one of the fastest growing health mediums in the scientific world
Art Therapy
Art is always a great release of the spirit…letting it fly, persay is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.
an old tradition that still has merit in today’s modern alternative healing arts
Cymatic Therapy
Dance Therapy
dancing is a wonderful way to be fit and is a great workout for the spirit as well, just boogie around the kitchen next time you’re cooking and tell me you didn’t smile!
Faith Healing
a miracle could be out there for you, if you believe in it.
Feng Shui
Holistic Medicine
I believe this should be practiced by every doctor, and layperson that calls themselves a healer. Treating the body, mind and spirit as a whole is the only way to really “heal”.
Humor Therapy
everyone could use a good laugh!
Kirlian Photography
Labyrinth Walking
super way to increase health by reducing stress on a daily basis
Music Therapy
music to me is a connection of the physical world to the spirit world, it can be a magical healing  tool for anyone.
Native American Healing
Naturopathic Medicine
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Another one of my faves…the art of using breath and breathing techniques for healing work is underestimated
Spirituality and Prayer
never underestimate the power of prayer, it can work miracles!
Support Groups
we all need a little support now and again. 
Tai Chi
this ancient art of the eastern people is a fabulous and fun way to keep a healthy mind, body and spirit
 another favorite of mine! Yoga is a fabulous fitness for every part of you, physical, mental and spiritual.

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