Losing weight already!

Ok, new diet plan……
Hi everyone!
I hope some people will benefit from this.
Throughout the years I’ve experimented with so many different diets, and found none to work for me as they were, while learning to use the things that work from all of them and I’m already seeing results after only a week.

Ok,first things first;
Wake up, take 3 deep breaths and tell myself that its going to be a good day and stick to it. Then, the first thing after getting out of bed in the morning is stretch, pee and then drink at least four glasses of water (its ok to put lemon or lime for taste) wait at least 2 hrs. before any intake of food, and keep drinking water if possible! Your first meal should consist of fruit (make a fruit bowl) my choices of fruit 1.bananas 2.grapefruit 3.watermelon 4.honeydew.5. strawberries 5. blueberries, or a mixture of each.. etc..
eat as much as you want its all good for your body !
then follow the water intakes, if you are a coffee drinker? like me its ok to drink it but no more then two cups (if you like milk or sugar try soy or rice milk and the sweetener should be honey) this should hold you for about 3hrs at least.
On to lunch… this is the crucial part of this healthy process, once you eaten lunch you will not be eating again for at least five hours. unless its a healthy snack like celery & carrot sticks w/a tsp. of peanut butter.
For lunch you might consider starting with a cleansing shake..here’s one I like: this consists of papaya, coconut milk, fresh ginger root (I keep mine in the freezer), banana, a dash of salt and honey, mixed with crushed ice and blend together…walla! yum and really works.this shake will cleanse your colon and will help regulate bowel movements. i guarantee it, after this you can follow with a tuna wrap or salad,for the tuna wrap used romaine lettuce,cubumbers avocados, clementines oranges,tomatoes and if you like onions,for the dressing used 2 tsp of yogurt 1 or two of mustard 1 spoon of balsamic vinegar a little olive oil. mixed in a bowl and poured over the salad or inside the tuna wrap. may substitute chicken for tuna. i warranty its tasty 🙂 for dinner eat a fresh fish try to find something different each night, scallops, sea bass, tuna or mahi mahi serve with vegetables and a little sweet yams or cassaba, really any vegetable is great with seafood .this is the best time to start to really live and eat a good healthy diet with lots of living foods!and don’t forget the H2o……remember your body weight halved is the amount in ounces of water you should be drinking per day just to stay hydrated, not including if you want to lose weight.
good luck and good health!

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