Acorelle is a new line of Ecocert certified-organic perfumes

Well, it looks like organic perfumes are now going mainstream……albeit at quite a hefty price. But when using essential oils (especially organic) they tend to be quite expensive so I can understand the cost. Here’s a news article about a new organic perfume:

Acorelle ~ new line of organic perfumes

Acorelle perfumesAcorelle is a new line of Ecocert certified-organic perfumes from French beauty house Laurence Dumont. The line debuted in Europe last year with six fragrances for women, each of which “calls upon the mood-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy”:

Amande de Ble / Wheat Almond ~ “A revitalizing blend of bitter almond, ylang ylang, and apricot strengthens your natural defenses to ward off oncoming sickness.”

Jardin des Thés / Tea Garden ~ Bright notes of lemon, mint, violet, and patchouli work together to stimulate your nervous system for a jolt of energy.” Additional notes include bergamot, lavender and caraway.

Baies Sauvages / Wild Berries ~ “A cheery scent that lifts your spirits when troubles arise. Geranium, sandalwood, cardamom, and rose offer an instant pick-me-up.” Additional notes include violet and green notes.

Orchid Blanc / White Orchid ~ “Alleviate stress and anxiety with this calming blend of sandalwood, orange, vanilla, pear leaf, hawthorn, and patchouli.” Additional notes include elemi, cardamom, lemon, clove, elder, iris, raspberry and bush peach.

Lotus Bambou / Bamboo Lotus ~ “A relaxing mix of bergamot, tangerine, orange blossom, and cedar that promotes a good night’s sleep.” Additional notes include mint, blackcurrant, violet and patchouli.

Verveine Agrumes / Citrus Verbena ~ “Soothing notes of petitgrain, litsea (an evergreen tree), cedar, and neroli have a calming effect on the senses.” Additional notes include mandarin, bergamot, armoise, cut grass accord, clary sage and cedar.

The Acorelle fragrances are available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum ($68). They can be found in the US at fourseasonsproducts or lushoasis. (via press release, additional information via cosmeticnews)

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