Merry Christmas

The blur of another year comes around again, and much sooner than expected!

It never fails, I’m no sooner taking down the Christmas decorations and doing a bit of spring cleaning, then summer comes with all its glory manifesting into Thanksgiving and leaving us here yet again with our hopes for Christmastime to last juusst a bit longer…I just can’t keep up….so that’s it….I’ve given up on tring to keep up…from now on, my calendar is broken.
I’ll be either very very early with Christmas and Birthday’s, or a bit late, depending on God’s time….not my time, GOD’s time…..and that’s just the way it is….
If anyone asks I’ll just say,
“You’ll have to take it up with my boss”.

And doncha’ know it…..
Christmas is always merrier when you share it with family and friends!

here’s a couple on the spot Christmas poems just for you 🙂

Stop worrying about the lights being just so,
even if the presents aren’t all tied in a bow,
The ham may be charred beyond all recognition,
and the bills may be piled to kingdom come’s kitchen,
but we all have eachother to love…
Just pray a little thanks for all your blessings
and may God shine that light
on all you’re stressing
there’s more important things to consider
when looking in a mirror
than the number of lines that have been etched by our times
they’re memories, each and everyone…
so remember, even if our errors and trials succeed or fail…
we all have eachother to love 🙂

Christmas 2008

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and all through the house
Everyone was fretting, even the mouse.
The rooms were all in tatters, the beds were still unmade,
The cheese was still sitting out from last night’s Christmas soiree.

“Oh, my”, said the mommy with tears in her eyes,
“How will we ever be ready for tomorrow night?”
“The house must be cleaned, the presents all need wrapping, and the cookies must be just right for Santa’s midnight snacking”.

And Daddy piped in with his own worries too,
“There’s no gifts for little Suzi this year, no dolls, or even shoes.
I was laid off from work, and the bills are stacking up I’m afraid,
Whatever will we do with no bonuses paid?”

It seemed everyone was upset about one thing or another,
From taxes going up, to the economy going asunder,
There’s wars being fought, for freedoms from poverty, greed & hunger,
Things that would terrify any waking father or mother.

What a sad sight to see, this sorry state of affairs
Had grown overwhelming, in dire need of repair.
“Oh what will we do,” cried the masses is despair,
Who can we turn to when all seems so lost and unfair?”

Then a star overhead shone brilliant & bright
To remind us of why we celebrate Christmas Night.
Jesus was born to save us from all our worries & woes,
Our sins are forgiven, our hearts would evermore overflow.

And maybe, just maybe, for one united eve & day
We could all rejoice in our blessings, Thank GOD for each and every day
Whether by loving eachother, or sharing our joy,
Let’s celebrate GOD’s love for us for every girl and boy.

Merry Christmas!

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