Birth Order and Compatibility

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Love scholar: Birth order affects compatibility
Valentine’s Day may be over, but love in still in the air at Weber State University, especially for those whose birth order complements that of the man or woman of their choice. Michael Christian, author and former Boston College professor, spoke to over 100 people Wednesday in the Shepherd Union Ballroom about the topic of his book, “Mate Smart: The Science of Compatibility.” Christian said his research is especially relevant on the WSU campus.
“What a romantic-looking campus you have,” Christian said. “There are so many nice places around here to meet people that I bet that a lot of you are distracted from your studies.” Christian said that birth order has a great impact on personality and, in turn, compatibility with friends and, more specifically, romantic partners. “I believe that the information that I am going to share with you is as valid and as exciting as the information that Charles Darwin shared with people when he told them about his discoveries on evolution,” Christian said. Christian described each of the birth order types, giving examples of well-known people who carry the characteristics of this birth order, and gave ideas about what kind of careers best suit people with these qualities. Christian said people with complementary birth orders are very compatible with each other because they understand the other person’s personality and know how they like to be treated.

Those who are male with younger brothers have similar characteristics to celebrities, including President Bill Clinton, and actors John Wayne, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. These men tend to take leadership roles and can be found in careers like judges and teachers.

Women with younger sisters also take on leadership positions, as well as being organized and getting along well with older authority figures. Women such as actress Nicole Kidman, singer and actress Jessica Simpson, and author and philosopher Ayn Rand share these qualities. These women may think about picking careers including those of teacher, head nurse, or editor in chief.

Men with older brothers can look to actors Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for examples of their birth order. These men were bullied when young and have learned to be kind to others, making them good salesmen. They also tend to be creative and are often good artists, writers, musicians and actors.

Females with older sisters are often known to be good with people, which lends to careers like make-up artists and secretaries. These women have the examples of news anchors Barbara Walters and Katie Couric, and actress Goldie Hawn.

Older sisters of brothers tend to be dominant and also have a maternal streak. They can be good in careers such as pediatricians and can look to actress Julie Andrews and Senator Hillary Clinton for examples of their birth order.

Older brothers of sisters are known to be romantic and carry the attributes needed to be good directors and deans of universities. Examples of men with this birth order include physicist Albert Einstein, and directors Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg.

Men who are the younger brother of sisters include actors Johnny Depp and Warren Beatty, as well as television show host Howard Stern. These men are creative and entertaining. Christian said they are often the men that all the women are attracted to.

Younger sisters of brothers are friendly but can also be competitive as they have had to fight for themselves against older brothers. Christian said these women are always surrounded by men and everyone loves them. Famous examples include actresses Shirley Temple, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, as well as singer Janet Jackson. They work well in jobs where they interact with men.

Women who are the only child in their family do well with relating to authority figures, since they have had their parents to themselves their whole lives. Examples include actresses Brooke Shields and Lauren Bacall. These women do well in careers where they work closely with authority figures such as private secretaries.

Males who are the only child can look to the examples of actor and comedian Robin Williams, actor William Shatner and singer Frank Sinatra. These men believe the world centers on them and are very career-focused. They have the attributes of scientists and scholars.

WSU freshman David Dille asked how foster children are affected by birth order, to which Christian replied the siblings they spend the most time with growing up are the ones that have the greatest effect on them. He said the siblings someone is the closest to in age are the ones to look at to determine which birth order fits.

Sarah Webster, WSU junior studying technical sales, asked if culture has an effect on compatibility. Christian said there are many factors that affect compatibility, including culture and economic status, but birth order is the most influential.

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